22 retro pictures capture the splendour of Morecambe's 'one of a kind' Winter Gardens theatre

Morecambe’s Winter Gardens theatre – or The Victoria Pavilion as it was then known – opened its doors to the public on July 17, 1897.

Built at a cost of nearly £100,000, it was designed to be both a grand variety theatre and a concert hall.

A massive success in its heyday, the theatre hosted the great and the good for many years – and is thought to be one of a kind as a big concert party hall.

Today the building is operated by Morecambe Winter Gardens Preservation Trust which, alongside invaluable help from local volunteers, has been slowly restoring the theatre and bringing it back into use.

A search through our archives unearthed these great pictures of the theatre taken by our former photographer, Nigel Slater.

We think the photos date back to 2010 and they illustrate just how much restoration work has taken place since they were captured.

We found them really interesting to look at… and we hope you do too.