BLOG: Lancaster man's TV free February

Lancaster man DUNCAN MOORE is trying to go the whole month of February without watching TV. Here is his latest blog.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 18th February 2016, 10:51 am
Updated Thursday, 18th February 2016, 11:55 am
Duncan Moore intends to go the whole of February without watching TV.
Duncan Moore intends to go the whole of February without watching TV.

DAY 9 - No opportunities to be sucked into watching today as I’ve spent most of it sat motionless on the M25 and M6. I arrived home mid-evening and looking forward to a relaxing bath. Mrs Moore announced that the new series of Happy Valley begins this evening, a series that we both thoroughly enjoyed watching last year and both expressed a desire to sit and watch it together if a new series were ever to be shown. She is not happy that it will be March before she can watch the recorded programmes.

DAY 10 - I’ve just arrived home to find several naked men in the living room. Mrs Moore was on the phone and paused on catch up TV was episode 5 of War and Peace, right at the point where some men are bathing nude. She swears she paused it there to answer the phone. I have gone to bed feeling like I need to tone up a little. TV has left me feeling inadequate.

DAY 11 - I arrived home from work just as two of our good friends’ kids were being dropped off. I remembered I said we’d give them tea whilst their mum and dad took their brother to parents evening. They’re lovely kids and it wasn’t long before they were asking to watch TV. Mrs Moore was busy in the kitchen preparing food and I had some emails to send so I said of course that would be fine until tea was ready. As there isn’t a great age difference between the kids I suggested they might want to find an appropriate film they could enjoy together from our DVD collection or perhaps from one of the online services we subscribe to. I told them that they would need to set this up themselves as I wasn’t allowed to watch any TV during February. I later realised they’d found a totally inappropriate zombie apocalypse film to watch on Netflix. Turning the TV off (and making a mental note of the film’s title for potential future viewing) I shooed the pair into the kitchen, sat them at the table and made them promise not to say anything to their parents. TV could lose me some close friends and one of them makes a great home brew!

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DAY 12 - I must admit I am starting to miss some of my favourite programmes. That said I am determined to see it through. I find myself in a Travelodge this evening just outside Stirling in Scotland where my youngest son, Mrs Moore and myself are settling down for the night before continuing on in the morning into the wilds of the Highlands to help a friend celebrate her 40th birthday during the next week. As usual there is a sizeable TV in the corner of our room. No one as yet has suggested it should be turned on, for which I’m very glad because, as I’ve already found out, hotel bathrooms are not a place to enjoy a relaxing hour or two.

I did have a slight fail in my quest earlier this evening however. We were on the motorway south of Glasgow. As I pulled out to pass the car ahead of us I could see a child was sat in the back seat watching a film on one of those hang on the back of your front seat DVD players. I found myself slowing down slightly as I overtook. I’m holding my hands up and admitting to wantonly glancing at the screen, I love Shrek. I realise this could have caused a pile up on the M74. What I’ve learned from the experience is that not watching TV could be dangerous.

DAY 13 - I’ve been enjoying the lovely Scottish countryside as we travel up to the Aviemore area. Not a TV in sight. Then we arrived at the fabulous country house we are staying at where in the lounge is a huge flatscreen TV. My first job as I walked in the door was to aid a lady member of our party who was desperate to watch the Six Nations rugby but didn’t know how to turn on the TV and tune in. So it was I reluctantly tuned and channel hopped until I found the match. I’m claiming in my defence that I only engaged with TV today in order to keep someone else happy.

DAY 14 - After a good long walk in the Scottish countryside this afternoon and warming lasagne for tea I’m ready to settle down in front of the blazing woodburner and have a good read. Then up pops St Valentine. Mrs Moore thought it might be nice to settle down to a romantic DVD to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I said I didn’t think that was allowable within the rules of the exercise. Mrs Moore has taken the huff. It appears being TV free has ruined my sex life!

DAY 15 - After a day playing on the snow in the Cairngorms it’s settle down to a games night with the TV well and truly off. I do have a confession to make though. Following last night’s request for an evening in front of a romantic film in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day I did later agree to sit in the same room whilst the film was playing so Mrs Moore had someone to lean on and pass her tissues. I did sit to the side of the TV though and read during the film. Mrs Moore very happy. Sex life back on track!

DAY 16 - Strangely, out of 15 people in the house I’m staying at up here in Scotland, no-one wanted to turn on the TV today. My influence is obviously having a huge effect on my fellow guests. Being TV free has obviously made me an icon that others are looking up to for inspiration! Now, could someone ring my daughter and remind her to record Happy Valley for me. The phone signal up here is a bit patchy.

DAY 17 - A completely TV free day, no glances of one in a pub or a shop or any of the other usual places. Spent the day reading. Tired eyes. Being TV free might in fact ruin my eyesight!

STAY tuned for more from Duncan’s blog.