Busy weekend for Lancaster and Morecambe runners

Lancaster and Morecambe Athletics Club runners were busy last weekend, starting on Saturday at the Pilling 10km.

David Wilkinson ran well finishing 31st overall in 48m.45, followed by wife Carole Wilkinson in 52m.43 and Graham Jameson in 56m.23.

Saturday evening was the latest race of the 3-1-5 Health Club 5k and 10k series.

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Leading the club runners back in the 5k was David Brown, 16m.43 earning him fifth overall.

In next was James Dalgliesh in 17th with a good effort of 17m.49 and in 94th was Karen Davis in 32m.22.

There was only one club runner in the 10km race, with Chris Pyle finishing in 37m.40 for fifth place.

On Sunday three club runners took part in the Crazy Cow 10km in Preston.

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Steve Perry was first back with a great run of 45m.42 to finish 92nd out of more than 730 runners.

Christina McGuire ran well in 48m.41 to finish 137th, followed by Caroline Squires 215th in 52m.01.

There was only one brave runner from Lancaster & Morecambe at the Windermere Marathon, Andrew Barnes ran a fantastic time of 3h.33.04 to finish 60th out of more than 650 runners.