You could buy a Scottish island for as little as £80,000 - here's how

The neighbouring island is owned by Richard Branson (Photo: Shutterstock)The neighbouring island is owned by Richard Branson (Photo: Shutterstock)
The neighbouring island is owned by Richard Branson (Photo: Shutterstock)

A private island off the western coast of Scotland is up for grabs at an upcoming auction - with a starting bid of £80,000.

Costing around the average price of a flat in Hartlepool, all 11 acres of the rugged Deer Island in Loch Moidart is up for auction with Future Property Auctions.

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The auctioneers have described the island as a "unique investment opportunity" which offers "space that can be enjoyed with zero chance of intrusion”.

The island is totally uninhabited, and would be yours to do with as you pleased.

Bids start at £80,000

The island is off the west coast of the Highlands, around 45 miles from Fort William and the Ben Nevis mountain range. The nearest island, meanwhile, is Eilean Shona, owned by Richard Branson.

The auction will be held online on 26 March, with bidding starting at £80,000.

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Sales of islands conducted in this way have become more common in recent years, with a 730 acre private island in the Bahamas recently listed for sale at a cost of £14 million. The island - known as St Andrew's and Little Ragged Island interchangeably - is the largest and southernmost private island in the Bahamas up for sale.

Scottish Islands looking for new residents

Populated Scottish islands have also been purchased through community buy-outs, such as in the case of the Isle of Eigg, where residents also produce their own renewable energy.

Other populated Scottish islands have attempted to stem the tide of depopulation through various schemes designed to attract new residents to their shores.

The Isle of Rum, for instance, last year put out a call for residents to come and move into four newly-built new eco-friendly homes.

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They hoped to attract young families or those with a trade or skill to boost the island's local economy and population.

Such schemes often prove immensely popular, with thousands of applicants sometimes throwing their hat in the ring for a chance to get away from the mainland rat race.

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