Second Paw Patrol convoy for Heysham explosion toddler victim

A second Paw Patrol convoy for Heysham explosion victim George Hinds will take place along Morecambe promenade in July.

Organisers of last year’s Paw Patrol convoy for George Hinds have announced that the convoy will run again on Saturday, July 9 to honour his memory.

Any money raised will be donated to George’s family towards his memorial garden.

Jenna McBride said on Facebook: “The idea is to provide entertainment and fun for those on the promenade watching the convoy and to help raise money for this beautiful boy.

A second Paw Patrol convoy for Heysham explosion victim George Hinds is due to take place in July.

"Last year I managed to raise over £300 and I'd like to help again.

"I’m asking for donations to help me do this, we are needing teddies to hand out to children free of charge to hold high for George whilst the convoy comes past.

"Anything Paw Patrol, buckets and spades, donation buckets, unwanted unused balloons, letter banners and (decorating tables ) and any musical instruments that can be used by children are needed.

"We are planning cake sales and fresh drinks, pick and mixes for sale, adult raffles and children's raffles and prizes, balloons, decorations, possibly a Paw Patrol Chase character walking up the promenade with a donation bucket, sand castle prizes on the beach, free teddies, fancy dress and dancing and simply just a friendly fun day.

George's Paw Patrol convoy.

"And of course we need vehicles to join the convoy so if any cars are interested in joining in, decorating your car and representing George Hinds please get in touch.

"Any ideas or help or donations please message me and I'll get back to you soon as I can, thank you in advance your help is appreciated.”

Another organiser said: “Let's make the convoy bigger and better and keep the memories of George Arthur Hinds living long!”

Last May 2021 over 100 vehicles turned out for a special Paw Patrol Convoy down Morecambe promenade in tribute to Heysham explosion victim George Hinds.

Picture by Julian Brown 30/05/21. George's Prom Convoy for George Hinds, the little boy who died in the Heysham gas explosion sets off from Morecambe FC

The vehicles were decorated with Paw Patrol characters which were George's favourite, some had soft toys and stickers, other's simply 'RIP George' in green letters.

A charity night was held at Lancaster Grand theatre earlier this year to raise money for George Hinds memorial garden.

Visit George’s Prom Convoy Facebook page here and send a message for more information or to get involved.