12 Christmas foods that could seriously harm your dog

Mince piesMince pies
Mince pies
We all like to over-indulge in food at Christmas but when it comes to our pets, encouraging them to join in can lead to serious health problems.

Many people enjoy sharing their festive meal with their dogs, but food such as Christmas pudding, chocolate and cheese can make dogs seriously ill, and lead to vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy and in some cases chronic breathing difficulties.

Dogs Trust veterinary director Paula Boyden, suggests: “As a vet I have seen some terrible examples of dog poisoning over the Christmas period.

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“In many cases the owner was totally unaware of the hidden dangers and was simply intending to be kind to their dog who was eager to share in the festive treats. Like with humans, all foods should be given in moderation.”

This year, the charity Dogs Trust has created a special three-course dog-friendly menu so animals can join in on the festive fun. You can find the menu HERE

Food which is dangerous to dogs includes:

• Dates

• Grapes

• Mince pies

• Christmas puddings

• Whole Brazil nuts

• Excessive amounts of cheese

• Alcohol

• Onion

• Raw potato (green)

• Turkey bones

• High content cocoa chocolate

• Holly berries