Lancaster refugees and asylum seekers explore Silverdale nature reserve

Lancaster refugee charity Global Link teamed up with Natural England to provide two days of art in nature workshops at Gaitbarrows Nature Reserve near Silverdale.

Refugees, asylum seekers and volunteers attended the workshops and were also invited to explore the area with reserve manager Jim Turner.

This was followed by a nature meditation by Global Link's Eleanor Denvir.

Alex, originally from Eritrea, said: “It was the first time I have ever done anything like this meditation. Today it was like I was floating."

Refugees, asylum seekers and volunteers during their visit to Gairbarrows.

Participants then took part in an art workshop run by Iranian refugee Somayeh, inspired by natural materials.

72-year-old Ruth from Galgate said: "I loved the beauty of the limestone and the colours of early spring," while 11-year-old Ahmad from Afghanistan said: "I am so happy today!"

Natural England is committed to broadening the diversity of people accessing their reserves.

"We love the beauty of this place so it is so wonderful to share it with others," said Claire Green of Natural England.

Some of the visitors take part in the art workshop.
Exploring Gaitbarrows.
The art workshop at Gaitbarrows.
The art workshop at Gaitbarrows.