Your recovery, your way: Outstanding feedback on 3-1-5 Health Club’s new Recovery Lounge and Club Plus

Fancy a hydro massage chairs or cryo bed treatment to boost your wellbeing? Picture – supplied.Fancy a hydro massage chairs or cryo bed treatment to boost your wellbeing? Picture – supplied.
Fancy a hydro massage chairs or cryo bed treatment to boost your wellbeing? Picture – supplied.
Feeling chilled … customers give their feedback on the brand new Recovery Lounge at 3-1-5, including Cryolounge beds and Hydromassage.

The latest investment in state-of-the-art facilities for Lancashire gym goers who love their chill down as much as their work out have been given a firm thumbs up.

The new space embodies the perfect space to rest your muscles, rejuvenate those aches and chill out either with friends or alone.

Customer testimonials include:

Club Plus members get access included. Picture – supplied.Club Plus members get access included. Picture – supplied.
Club Plus members get access included. Picture – supplied.

"Absolutely loving both the massage and Cryo beds at 315. Following your workout it's a fantastic way to unwind, catch your breath and the beds really aid your recovery, massaging the muscle groups you choose with the clever zones you control with the touch of a button".

"The hot and cold therapy of the cryo beds is also great for tired sore muscles, the massage function of the legs is lovely! Having areas at -5° seems daunting, but the hot zones really keep you warm".

"The relaxation room is a beautiful setting, behind the glass doors and in relaxing mood lighting. It really is a must when visiting 315".

"I have found the massage beds very relaxing after completing a physical class. Ten minutes on the bed leaves you feeling calm and relaxed ready to continue your day".

"There are different speeds and you can even travel the world watching the videos on the control screen or watch the sea on the beach and transport yourself for a while. I try to use them every day because I have had an injury and I believe it is really helping me".

"We use 3-1-5 three mornings a week for the gym, pool, jacuzzi and steam room and now always finish our sessions on the massage beds, for a really good full body massage which sets us up for the rest of the day. As senior citizens, we walk regularly on non gym days and have started popping into 3-1-5 for a massage, which is a great way to top-off the walks".

Sean Thornton, owner at 3-1-5, said: “We spent lots of time and energy to create the perfect post exercise spot for our members, and it has given the team a real boost to see how well it has gone down.

“We’d like to thank them for all the feedback, for bearing with us during the prep time and opening, and we look forward to welcoming many more happy customers in the future.”

Club Plus

You can enjoy free access to the Recovery Lounge as part of the premium membership package called Club Plus, which offers full peak useage of all facilities with plenty of top quality classes and equipment, Hiit studio ‘SWEAT’ and shred zone, coupled with strengthening classes.

One happy Club Plus member wrote: “I'm just writing to say how much my partner and I are enjoying being members at 3-1-5. We have signed up to do a 100km walk in the Sahara Desert in aid of Dementia UK and are using 3-1-5 to get fit and ready for this daunting and exciting event. What we really wanted to say is that what makes 3-1-5 so special is not just the varied and excellent facilities but the people.

“We've loved that we're starting to get to know other members but mostly we are blown away by the kindness and spirit of you, the 3-1-5 team.

“From the folks on reception who always greet us with a smile and a cheery word to the brilliant PTs. Thank you!”

Whether you are working on your core, prepping for a challenge, or generally want to boost your wellbeing, the team at 3-1-5 are there to listen to you and your wish list, and design a programme to help.

If you'd like to upgrade your membership to include the Recovery Lounge, call the team at 3-1-5 on 01524 237315 or ask about the PAYG option. Don’t forget to check out the Club Plus website here.

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