Guardians of the Galaxy movie is simply Marvel-ous

Guardians of the Galaxy.
Guardians of the Galaxy.
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It feels like it has been said many times since it was revealed that Marvel was taking a chance basing a film around the Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Following some of the slightly more sombre tones of recent Marvel releases, director James Gunn’s film is an unapologetic, unrelenting assault on the senses that begins right after the prologue and doesn’t let up until the closing credits, heralded by the promise that the Guardians will return.

This is certainly not a film to be late arriving for!

Once you’ve absorbed the barrage of information you can begin to enjoy the plot (basically an Indiana Jones-style treasure hunt) and the Guardians themselves (kind of a multi-coloured, multi-species Avengers) and settle in for a technicolour trip around the galaxy, with Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper adding weight and depth to the CGI characters.

Close examination may show up some flaws and shallowness in proceedings but the film rockets on (pun intended) at such a pace that this would really just be nitpicking.

Guardians Of The Galaxy is an out and out romp, a space opera that harnesses enough fun, action and buddy-buddy sentimentality to keep all audiences captivated, and much more than you’ll see in many other films this summer.

It is proof, if proof were needed, that Marvel know exactly what they’re doing.

This is an original and inventive film that will keep you entertained throughout and it would be incredibly surprising to find anyone who does not have a good time with The Guardians.

It might not be perfect, but it’s a hell of a great ride.

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