The Illusionists - review

The Illusionists.
The Illusionists.

Looking like they have stepped out of a Marvel comic here were seven of “the world’s greatest magicians in a stage spectacular.”

With stage names like The Trickster, Inventor or Enchantress they are among the superheroes of a conjuring elite pretty well based in Las Vegas, but assembled together for a world-class touring production.

It’s the kind of show that leaves vivid magical memories burned on the senses.

Like where the bejeezers did that full-size railway locomotive come from, or – at the other end of the scale – where did that paper flower go, last seen dancing around in mid-air in front of a wide-eyed little girl from the audience.

And it’s the audience that becomes an essential prop to all this stagecraft, whether as unwitting magicians’ assistants, or as the actual backdrop to illusions performed in their midst.

In turn everything is caught live on cameras and beamed directly to a giant screen above the stage.

Shows of this standard don’t come cheap, or sadly on this occasion for more than one night. Next weekend it’s in Manchester.

If only the resort could pull more out of the hat . . .

David Upton