Show of Hands - Review

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A MUCH younger friend of a friend of Show of Hands singer/songwriter Steve Knightley described the Devonian duo as two men with beards playing folk music and signing about things that got their goat.

And while there might be an element of truth in that, one of several entertaining anecdotes related by Steve and co-conspirator Phil Beer, it wouldn’t be so amusing if it were an accurate summary of the pair’s many talents.

They describe their music as acoustic roots but there are many influences at play which make Show of Hands far more accessible than a traditional folk outfit.

How many bands open their set playing a cuatro, a mandolin and a double bass?

The latter, which gives the sound a greater depth, came courtesy of Miranda Sykes, who has effectively become a third member of the duo and whose womanly tones also add a different dimension to the harmonies.

See the Lancaster Guardian (08-04-11) for full story.