Lipservice return with Bronte spoof

Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding,
Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding,

LipService – Britain’s favourite literary lunatics, are back with their cult Bronte spoof Withering Looks.

The classic comic duo, Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding, just couldn’t resist the urge to dust off their crinolines, wear flattering bonnets and sit at rained-lashed windows in a pale and decorative manner.

Lancastrians can share in the silliness when the pair perform at the Lancaster Grand at 7.30pm on Thursday, June 30.

Withering Looks takes an “authentic” look at the lives and works of the Bronte sisters – well, two of them actually – Anne’s just popped out for a cup of sugar.

Peopled with many of the characters we know and love, Maggie and Sue move effortlessly from frock to frock coat.

The show won the Critics’ Award for Comedy at the Edinburgh Festival.

See the Lancaster Guardian (23-06-11) for full story.