Family-run company make big splash at fashion week

A scene from Singing in the Rain
A scene from Singing in the Rain

A White Lund based water sculpture company has been strutting its stuff this week after its designs were featured in London Fashion Week.

Water Sculptures, in Northgate, installed effects at the Hunter Boots Fashion Show at London Fashion Week, which was streamed live 
to various cities around the 

Established over 40 years ago by founder Byll Elliot and still a family run business, the company has experienced its busiest year ever, creating rain, mist and water effects for stage productions worldwide.

Byll said: “In particular the show “Singin in the rain” and that one song, has been a huge success for us.

“After its run in the West End a couple of years ago the show then toured the UK, and recently went to Japan for a short spell.

“It is shortly heading to New Zealand and the Far East with our own crew doing the initial installations. Not surprisingly there’s never a shortage of offers to do these fit ups!”

One of their bigger recent projects is a torrential rain effect for New York’s Radio City Spring Spectacular. The client saw “Singin’ In the Rain” at London’s West End and asked them to create a similar downpour for their show.

The team designed, shipped out and recently installed it ready for this major production which opens in early March.

The company’s Louise Hodgson said: “We truly are international jet-setters at the moment.

“Although unfortunately in my role I never get to see these amazing venues.”

They currently have water running in three West End productions, with another two in the pipeline.

Byll added: “We are in great demand in the theatre, because we have consistently stuck to what we are good at, which is containing and controlling water.

The current production of Madam Butterfly at Royal Albert Hall involves the stage being flooded with 60,000 litres of water which then has to be drained, silently, in a five minute period between Acts 1 & 2. No mean feat, but we know exactly what we are doing.”

The company also works on events and Louise said that Water Sculptures was involved in “another spectacular show” over the next couple of months, but at the moment, they’re keeping exactly what it is under wraps.