Dukes finds its Little Voice

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The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, The Dukes

ONE of playwright Jim Cartwright’s most popular dramas is taking the Dukes by storm.

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice is the epitomy of Cartwright’s typical gritty, northern dramas, but manages to combine the starkness of day-to-day working class life with plenty of light-hearted moments.

The play, made famous by the film version starring Jane Horrocks, tells the story of Little Voice, a shy, reclusive girl who desperately misses her dead father.

As a result she spends all her time locked in her bedroom listening to his old record collection and perfecting astonishing impersonations of famous divas, including Shirley Bassey, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Dusty Springfield.

When LV’s larger than life mother Mari starts dating small time club agent Ray Say, she thinks he’s her last chance for a better life. And when Ray hears Little Voice sing,

See the Lancaster Guardian (01-04-11) for full story.