Does your mobile make you miserable?

Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe in I Wish I Was Lonely.
Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe in I Wish I Was Lonely.

The audience of a new show coming to Lancaster will be actively encouraged to leave their mobile phones on during performances.

I Wish I Was Lonely is a brand new interactive show where poet Hannah Jane Walker and theatre maker Chris Thorpe investigate what it means to participate in communication – or not.

It’s a show in which the audience commit to leaving their phones on throughout the performance as the demands and expectations of an ‘always available’ culture are explored.

The show, performed at 1pm and again at 8pm, will feature some poems constructed with the help of the audience. There will be stories, too.

Phone calls and texts received by the audience during the show may trigger additional material, making each performance unique.

I Wish I Was Lonely will be a gentle conversation with the audience about the effect of our increased contactability on our happiness, our personalities and on the changing boundaries of ourselves as people in a world where constant contact is more expected, if not demanded, than at any other point in history.

I Wish I Was Lonely will be performed on February 13 in The Round at The Dukes and is a Live at LICA offering.

The show is recommended for anyone aged 14 plus. Tickets are priced £13.

Concessions receive 10% off. Discounts also for web bookings. For more information and to book, ring 01524 598500 or visit