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Greenheart dijeridoos
Greenheart dijeridoos

Expect stomping beats, loop guitars and spaced out dijeridoo when Lancaster duo Greenheart take to the stage at the Yorkshire House next Friday night, May 16.

Guitarist and vocalist James Fraser and dijeridoo and percussionist Ian “Scotty” Moorhouse are renowned for creating a fantastic musical atmosphere wherever they play, and this should be no exception, with support coming from Rosa Francesca and The Exceptions.

In his blog, James Fraser said: “As we are about to begin recording Greenheart’s 2nd record, we’ve been doing some research into tuning the dijeridoo which is so much a part of the unique sound of Greenheart.

It’s all about frequencies and since we all consist of vibrating energy, using a different tuning system is a good way to explore making better music.”

Entry is £5, from 8pm.