Twerking, booze, snakes and a pool

Miley Cyrus's twerk
Miley Cyrus's twerk
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A music video can define the personality of a band or artist and take their sound to a new and wider audience.

They can be funny, clever, carry a message, or just reflect the content of the music on offer.

Increasingly, unsigned or underground bands and acts are recognising the importance of having a music video under their belt, as our consumption of music is as much based on the image as it is on the sound. There’s no getting away from that fact, but that doesn’t mean your video has to entirely comprise of twerking, booze, snakes and a swimmingpool.

Every week from next week, I’ll be featuring a music video by a Lancaster district (ish) band or act. I’d gratefully appreciate nominations sent to, but if there are none, I’ll happily choose my own video to feature. Have a think and let me know!