Taking the Crow Mandala road

Philip James Turner
Philip James Turner
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A new venture led by a Morecambe musician has just put out its first single.

Philip James Turner & The Crow Mandala formed earlier this year, and the band have been honing their sound with a number of well received gigs in Lancaster and Morecambe, including on the outdoor stage at the Vintage Festival.

Formed from the ashes of Blackheart Afterglow, which is on hiatus following the departure of drummer Pip Mailing to the US, The Crow Mandala has a distinct alt country/rock/soul sound, led by Turner’s soaring vocals.

The five piece have just finished recording their first single - Julie - with Mick Armistead at Lancaster Musicians Co-op, and its available for download on iTunes, Amazon, BandCamp et al now. The band perform at The John O’ Gaunt on Saturday night.