Summery vibes at first of courtyard concerts

The Ragamuffins
The Ragamuffins

A collaboration between Lancaster Music Festival and Chas Ambler’s Melodrome Stage will see a series of summer music concerts taking place in one of the city’s favourite locations.

The concerts will be held in Lancaster Castle courtyard and will become the first of their kind in its 1,000 year history.

The music programme will feature mainly local, original artists covering acoustic, jazz, folk, pop and soul ,and will run from 1pm to 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Lancaster Music Festival coordinator Ben Ruth said: “When the Melodrome crew and Lancaster Music Festival got together to hash out the details on how we were going to produce these events it turned out we pretty much had 
exactly the same notion of how to go ahead.

“I’m really excited about this event. The Melodrome is the perfect stage for this location and the acts we’ve both been able to source cover
a wide array of summery sounds including jazz, Latin, funk, folk and pop that will give the perfect fit for a lazy summer afternoon that all the family can enjoy.

“We’re also delighted with the cooperation and assistance we’ve gotten from the Duchy and the satisfaction in knowing the bar is being provided by Lancaster’s own Lancaster Brewery.”

It’s just three months to go until Lancaster Music Festival itself and this promises to retain its tradition of being even bigger and better than the year before.

The first concert kicks off tomorrow, Friday, August 7, from 1pm, and forms part of Lancaster Arts City First Friday event, concluding with silent film screenings with live music from 8.30pm. The events run to August 23.

Entry is £1 each time (under 5s free). Acts include Maudling Hertz, Dead Man’s Hand, Owen Saunders, Ron Carey, Molly Wilkinson, Greenheart, Mobius Loop, Brendan Cronin, David Kelly, Ragamuffins, Low Countries, The Initiative and Sun Street Stompers.