Radio date, new single and tour for Lancaster artist

Mr Ben.
Mr Ben.

Lancaster singer-songwriter Mr Ben AKA Ben Hall will be appearing live on national radio next month.

The musician will join DJ Marc Riley on his early evening BBC Radio 6 Music show on November 13.

And on October 27 he will be supporting Lancaster’s The Lovely Eggs at Gorilla in Manchester as part of their upcoming tour.

The prolific artist and musician has self-released six albums in the space of five years, all the while juggling his musical impulses with work as an in-demand potter and artist.

With new single The Bluest Blues out on label Bingo Records, Mr Ben is taking his tunes on tour and will play at The Waiting Room in London’s Stoke Newington.

Often found playing multiple instruments at once in a self-described ‘ham-fisted’ one man band, Mr Ben will be performing complete with all his ‘Bens’ in a full band show to give those watching a taste of his full studio sound.

Speaking of his music, Mr Ben said: “This project was born in a barn in northern Lancashire in 2012.

“I’m creating lo-fi experimental folk-pop with an emphasis on melody and lyricism. My work as an artist, designer and potter constantly influences my songwriting.

“I’ve written about everything from catching fish to imaginary nightclubs.

“It’s often surreal in theme, but I always place an emphasis on having a hooky pop sensibility.

“I’m not a great musician technically speaking.

“I play the guitar upside down and the keyboard with two fingers!

“But I guess being naive means you can write a different kind of music and approach it from an original perspective.”

Mr Ben & The Bens play at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington on December 5.

He had a split EP with fellow Lancastrian and friend Sun Drift out on Bingo Records November 24. Single The Bluest Blues came out October 5.