Punk and poetry night to be unleashed at Yorkshire House

The Dead Class
The Dead Class
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A NIGHT of punk and poetry not to be missed is being held at the Yorkshire House this Saturday evening.

The event features Lancaster’s new talent Miss P who, after a lifetime of writing poetry, has unleashed herself and is now performing live around the North West and beyond.

Every performance has brought rave reviews, and her poems – which cover topics from love and social injustice to life in general – are straight from the heart and read with such passion that they bring smiles, tears, laughter, and rage.

Miss P writes loosely autobiographical, often funny and sometimes tragic rhymes (and rants) about life and those that live it.

Cosmo makes his first appearance in Lancaster at the Yorkie event, after touring the festival and indie venue circuit all summer.

Cosmo is a man-with-guitar with a unique style that brings together punk, folk, hip-hop, human beatboxing, bluegrass and cowpunk.

Throw in a bit of stand-up comedy, tragedy and mayhem and you’ve got it.

He’s released five albums on his own Perverse Pop label, and two singles on Tantrum Records.

The first single, George Bush RIP, was the most downloaded track on the label in 2009.

The second single, Oi Mush – The Mosh Song, got to number two in the Amazon folk charts.

See the Lancaster Guardian (22-09-11) for full story.