Priory show for Greenheart trio


Music equals life for a Galgate based performer who is currently involved in three different albums with three different bands.

Not one to rest on his laurels, James Fraser is currently putting the finishing touches to the new Greenheart album, after the duo - James and didgeridooist Scotty Fairweather - recruited 3D Tanx drummer Laurence Hamilton for the recording and future live gigs.

James said: “I’ve known him for years, in fact the swine went out with my big sister back in the day and, so he says, was her first kiss.

“I have forgiven him now of course, but only because he’s so good at drumming.”

The trio are performing at Lancaster Priory Church on Friday, September 18, for an exclusive show with Howard Haigh. The show starts at 8.30pm. James has also been touring with the recently resurrected Milltown Brothers, well known on the 90s indie scene, so much so that they’ll be performing at the Shiiiine On Weekender at Butlins Minehead on November 6 alongside Happy Mondays, The Wonder Stuff, Inspiral Carpets, Space, Stereo MC’s and The Farm.

The band have a new album out, and have plans for dates in Manchester, London, Lancaster and Burnley, with Greenheart opening the show.

As if that wasn’t enough, James has been working on an album with Liam Browne & The LOVE, which is now mostly finished.

Liam experienced a brief love affair with Lancaster earlier this year but has nowe moved back to Manchester. The band have gigs at Dulcimer Bar in Chorlton, Manchester on September 27, the Malt Shovel in Carnforth on October 2, and the John O’ Gaunt in Lancaster on October 17. Greenheart also have dates at this year’s Lancaster Music Festival.