‘Northern city of ale’ also packs a hefty musical punch

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Lancaster’s at it again with its multi-venue, interconnected and positive approach to showing people a good time.

This time, landlords in the city have got together to put on Lancaster Pubfest, which will place cask and craft ale on a pedestal and serve it up with a backing track of around 40 live bands and musicians.

The event is not solely about the beer and music though, focusing just as much on the venues themselves, their quirks and attractions, styles and personalities, and experience you have whilst enjoying your pint and listening to the band.

The Pubfest celebrates Lancaster’s stunningly well kept pubs and the part they play in the city’s culture overall.

I suppose Lancaster holds an informal beer and music festival every weekend to some degree, but this one is aimed at bringing in punters from outside the city as well, and aims to cement Lancaster’s position as “the northern city of ale”.

There are 29 pubs involved offering a selection of ale from 160 different hand pulls.

The event kicked off last night, Wednesday, November 12 and runs until Sunday, November 16.

Music wise, tonight, Thursday, there’s live music at The Bobbin with The Roaring Boys, The John O’ Gaunt with Joe Gardiner, The Penny Bank with Jamie Walker, and bluegrass at The Three Mariners, with other venues taking part as well.

Tomorrow night, Friday, The Gregson Centre hosts The Manfredis, Dohnut and The Convulsions, Room Full of Mirrors are on at The John O’ Gaunt, Rene perform at the Penny Street Bridge, The Study Room hosts Joe McCorriston, and The Howling Clowns take to the stage at the Wagon and Horses. Saturday has the lion’s share of musicians, with performances from Promethium, Dead Mans Hand, Gritty Britain, Alex Hulme and Hobo Chic.

Check out www.lancasterpubfest.co.uk for the full line-up.