New Lancaster venue for big birthday bash

The Media Whores
The Media Whores

Another event planned for one of the city’s flood hit venues has found a new home.

Simmo’s 51st State - a full day and night event featuring 13 acts - was originally planned to go ahead at The Bobbin on Saturday, December 19.

But after some last minute wrangling and kindheartedness, The John O’ Gaunt has stepped up to the stage and will now host the event.

It will also become a fundraiser for the Lancashire Flood Recovery Fund.

Simmo, AKA Mark Simpson, is an avid follower and promoter of all things local music scene, and while many of us are wondering how best to start hibernating, Simmo has pulled together an all star line up featuring some of his favourite acts to celebrate his birthday.

The show starts at 1pm with Jay Blackburn, followed by Fighting Bears at 1.45pm, The Woodsmen at 2.30pm, The Glass Poppies at 3.15pm, Insurgency at 4pm, Dead Mans Hand at 5pm, Riggots at 6pm and Joe McCorriston and The Blockbuster Blues at 6.45pm.

The Charm go on the offensive for the evening offering at 7.30pm, followed by The Muffwigs at 8.15pm, The Section at 9pm, The Media Whores at 10pm, and Snide Remarks from 11pm until close. This is an eclectic line up featuring folk, Celtic, blues, punk, rock n roll, indie and heavy metal.

Entry is free and donations for flooding victims encouraged.