Musicians call for more radio support

Phil Turner says more could be done to promote local music
Phil Turner says more could be done to promote local music
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More than 200 people have signed a petition urging the Bay Radio in Lancaster to do more to support the district’s music scene.

Philip Turner, singer and guitarist in Morecambe band Blackheart Afterglow, set up the petition via last week, following a blog he posted on the internet last year.

The Bay’s stage at Morecambe Carnival at the weekend was hailed as a huge success, but musicians from the Lancaster district said it did not do enough to represent local talent.

Philip said: “We feel that local and regional radio stations should support the musicians in their area so that the majority of talent that doesn’t get discoverd by major labels has a voice and is recognised, and heard.”

The petition asks the radio station to select one band and play its lead track at a specific time every day on a prime time show for a week.

“Your listeners will get to know the tune and will be more susceptible to both buying the track, and going along to see the band live. Both of these actions will have a positive effect on the local economy and the band or artists profile,” it read.

Other musicians took up the call too.

Richard Turner said: “Even supermarket giants like ASDA have a selection of local produce - surely Bay FM could find three minutes a day for local music?”

But Bill Johnston, MD at Bay Radio said the station, while never being able to please everyone, has a strong track record of supporting talent from across the bay area.

He said: “The Bay always welcomes genuine and constructive feedback on the service we provide and we’re always open to new ideas.

“We’re so involved in the local communities we serve it’s easy for people to forget that we’re also a local business and we don’t receive a penny from the BBC licence fee. Despite this, we continue to invest thousands each year on community events and sponsorship agreements that also support local talent - much more than any local BBC service or commercial stations of a similar size to The Bay.”