Molly’s self-titled debut album is ready to take on the world

Molly and the Band in London
Molly and the Band in London

Molly Warburton’s self-titled debut album has wide reaching appeal.

Recorded last year at the famous Eastcote Studios in London, the four piece Lancaster/Carnforth band were in very good hands in terms of production and a professional finish.

At 36 minutes long, the 10 track record crosses the genres of folk, classic rock and pop with boundless energy characteristic of the quintet’s youth, and plenty of stand out pieces of creativity and originality which also show their maturity as musicians.

Molly and The Band Ltd - Molly Warburton, Luke Wilding, Nick Latham and Ben Fleetwood - have also taken the step of becoming a limited company in their own right, ensuring they have a say in their future and control over the music.

Still aged just 19, Molly has demonstrated her powerful voice on the local scene for a few years now, and the album has been much anticipated not just by her fans in Lancaster, but by a growing number of appreciators in the UK and overseas. It’s not difficult to see why. Lyrically and vocally she defies her years. Her subject matter could be applied to many walks of life - love, loss, embarrasment and hope are dealt with passionately with Molly’s trademark mastering of the vocal scales and acoustic guitar prowess.

There are many radio worthy tracks here - and it’s refreshing that her band inject their own personalities into the music too - with strong bass rhythms, meandering electric guitar solos, and snappy drum trickery.

It’s a whole, rounded album, my personal favourites being the subtle and beautiful No Where, Standing There, and the Top Gear soundtrack ready On The Run.

It’s folk pop with bursts of rock n’ roll, and it ends on an indie high with Sirens and the ringing vocals: “Hold tight and don’t give up the fight.”

The band launch their album at The Apothecary in Lancaster on Friday night, February 6.

By Nick Lakin.