Long live the Lost album

The Long Lost Band
The Long Lost Band

A new recording by Lancaster four piece rockers The Long Lost Band goes by the name Death of the Album.

Led by Stuart Anthony on guitar and vocals, the band – which also features Matt Appleton on lead guitar, Greg Maddox on drums and Oscar Armer on bass – have released their 17 track second album via their website (www.thelonglostband.com), for free or a donation.

A CD copy of the album will be available soon for a fixed price. It signifies a “bigger, bolder more in your face sound” for the band and a big sweep of different styles and approaches.

Death of the Album has been co-produced by Paul Walmsley, and also features the bonus track of their Christmas Single – Twelfth Knight (King Of December).

Stuart said the title was inspired from reading The Lefsetz Letter, part of a US music blog that in 2008 proclaimed that ‘the album is dead’. “We felt perhaps it was a premature concept”, said Stuart, “So we decided to call our album that as a a bit of reverse psychology.

“The album is not dead.”