Late night city streets take stage in new music vid

The Lovely Eggs
The Lovely Eggs

Looking for a Strongbow party? Look no further.

The Lovely Eggs’ video for their new single Goofin’ Around (in Lancashire) has landed just in time for their sold out show at The Yorkshire House tomorrow night, Friday November 13.

The setting for the three minute vid is a dark Lancaster night, where Holly and David are looking for an after hours party to go to...

Arming themselves with a four pack of Strongbow from the corner shop, the couple head out into the night, snoopin’ around, looking through letterboxes and down back alleys, before spotting a face painted man - who some of you may recognise - and following him through a back gate, up some stairs and into a hole in the floor before things take a psychedelic turn. The video was directed by Casey Raymond, recent joint winner of Best Dance Video in the UK Music Video Awards for the Leftfield and Sleaford Mods track Head and Shoulders.

The single comes out tomorrow on 7” vinyl.