Lancaster Music Festival - Polish duo will break your heart, then fix it back up

Paula and Karol
Paula and Karol

Polish duo Paula i Karol will be performing five shows at multiple venues over the course of the three days.

They will also join other international acts for a big show at The Dalton Rooms, in Dalton Square, on Sunday night.

It is something of a homecoming for Paula, who lived in Dolphinholme for two years whilst finishing her PhD at Lancaster University.

At first glance they may seem like a Canadian girl and a Polish guy who got together to write a few happy folk pop songs on a few folky instruments.

But the real Paula and Karol are not just a duo but a large family of Warsaw-based musicians who, for the past two years, have been capturing the hearts of young and old alike, across Poland and abroad.

Paula said: “We are coming to Lancaster as a duet - to play more of the folky acoustic set that we orginally started out playing four years ago.”

The Guardian listed them in their “sound of 2011 around the world”, stating that: “They are Poland’s new superheroes. Not the tight pants, fluttering cape kind. More like, come to our concert – we’ll break your heart, and then we’ll fix it up kind.”

They sing in English, and write songs filled with catchy melodies and lyrics that prioritize honesty, community, and love over hype and postmodern blase.

Paula i Karol form part of the international element of the festival, and as well as performing on Friday at 4pm at 1725, on Saturday at 3pm at the Wagon and Horses and 8pm at the Water Witch, and on Sunday at 3pm at Pizza Margherita, they also form part of a multinational performance at the Dalton Rooms on Sunday night.

Texan bluegrass flatpicker and singer-songwriter Geoff Union, Manchester funk outfit Rene, and Austrian jazz outfit Marina Zettl join them on the bill, as well as performing individually at various other venues around the city.

Entry is £5, from 8pm.