Lancaster Music Festival hits the city this weekend

Room Full of Mirrors perform as part of the festival
Room Full of Mirrors perform as part of the festival

Just when you thought the music festival season was over, Lancaster proves otherwise by hosting one of the biggest events of its kind in the UK.

For three days, between October 11 and 13, the city’s streets, pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurant, bars, shops and squares will come alive with the sound of music, with around 35 venues hosting well over 200 performances by 180 musicians and bands.

From early in the morning until late at night (one or two venues won’t close at all) you’ll be able to hear a huge selection of genres and styles, crossing the boundaries of folk, rock, jazz, blues, dance, funk, ska, pop, punk, metal and bluegrass, and more besides.

Most venues are within walking distance of eachother, and there are also performances at Lancaster University.

The festival kicks off with a launch party at the Penny Street Bridge on Thursday October 10, from 9pm, with live music and the breaking out of this year’s Festival Ale, brewed by Thwaites. All are welcome.

There will also be performances this year in the city’s Market Square, with the Melodrome Stage setting up shop and hosting family friendly shows during the day.

The festival celebrates the huge number of musicians who live, perform and record in the Lancaster district, whilst welcoming many others from across the country and indeed the world.

See this week’s Lancaster Guardian for an eight page special on the festival, with full listings, and an in-depth look at some of the artists who will be performing.