Lancaster Music Festival - A word from the festival organiser...

Lancaster Music Festival co-ordinator Ben Ruth.
Lancaster Music Festival co-ordinator Ben Ruth.

Lancaster Music Festival’s founder and coordinator has said that the city is currently witnessing the start of a “cultural revolution”.

Ben Ruth, who also runs an international artist management business and is himself a musician, said that 2013 was a significan year for the city and the festival.

“Not only have we seen an unprecedented number of excellent actos participating this year along with an increase in venues hosting them but, and I don’t think this is an exaggeration, we are witnessing the start of a cultural revolution in Lancaster,” he said.

“For the first time ever all of our festivals are focusing not just on their own events, but also on others in our district. Lancaster BID has shown our city businesses are pulling together to support arts and events in the city.

“Certainly, with BID support, we can start to put together proposals for 2014 for street theatre, Square Roots concerts, and concerts in the castle.”

You can see Ben perform with his band The Convulsions at The Penny Street Bridge at 5pm on Sunday, and the Bobbin at 10.40pm on Sunday.