Israel and Texas top music festival’s gigometer

Christina and Geoff Union
Christina and Geoff Union
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A bluegrass trio from Austin, Texas and a jazz threesome from Israel will be racking up the highest number of gigs at this weekend’s Lancaster Music Festival.

The Ragged Union Trio (Texas) and Shalosh (Israel) will play eight shows each at various venues across the city.

They beat Canadian singer Andria Simone to the number one slot on the gigometer, who plays seven shows.

Vienna’s Marina Zettl, Lucerne’s Heidi Happy, and New Jersey’s Sensory Hoverload play a very commendable six gigs, while London’s Virginia Thorn, San Diego’s Lacy Younger and Vienna’s Ozlem Bulut Band are clearly slacking at five.

As the city takes a big deep breath before being plunged into musical mayhem, packed pubs and singing streets tonight, Thursday, musicians from all over the world will be fine tuning their strings, cleaning out their mouthpieces, sharpening up their drumsticks and gargling their chosen poison in preparation for what has got to be the north of England’s most eclectic and varied musical offering.

For updates and listings over the weekend, there will be an information booth in Market Square, which also hosts a Busking Booth for those acts who were too late to get on the festival programme.

Pretty much every venue that can plug in an amp and house a drumkit is getting involved, and if last year’s estimate of 15,000 visitors is anything to go by, the city is in for a serious trade boon.

Obviously, Lancaster Castle’s addition to the venue line-up has greatly increased interest, with headline performances from The Lumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co (7.45pm, Friday), The Feud (7.45pm, Saturday), and Lacy Younger (6pm, Sunday), with entry from £1.

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