Here comes the Sun


There’s a fresh band on the Lancaster music scene for 2014, so prepare to be psychedelically rocked by Sun Giant who say they’re here to get “a new vibe going”.

The three piece from Lancaster - featuring Tomas Walmsley on drums and backing vocals, Liam Fairclough on guitar and lead vocals, and Niall Ingham on bass and backing vocals – all 18 – perform at The Lord Ashton on January 31 as part of a new night that Tom has set up.

Sun Giant recently supported Drenge at Lancaster library, and from that they are notching things up a step with plans for more national exposure in the coming months.

Tom, who does the artwork for the band as well, said: “I met Niall and Liam at the start of Ripley St Thomas Sixth Form) as they were in my media and English class.

“Niall later joined my original band at the end of year 12 but in summer 2012 the band split and I created a new one with Niall, calling it Sun Giant. Liam, I knew from sixth form but he left half way through year 12 so I never got a chance to meet him but I knew he was a bloody good guitarist and singer; and Niall and Liam were great friends before Sixth Form anyway so he suggested him to me and we got him in.

“We clicked when we first played and it’s only been since the end of October 2012 since we have been together, but it feels like a lifetime.”

Tom said the band is influenced by 60’s psychedelia, 70’s hard rock and more modern day psych/grunge, and hip-hop too, which he describes as “the most up and coming and forward thinking music today”.

Sun Giant will be performing at The Lord Ashton, in North Road, as part of Tom’s new night - Dropout Boogie.

He said: “I wanted a place for people who love music but don’t want to go to clubs, a new scene needs to start around here, make people want to come and see our bands...get a vibe going so this is the first night.”

Support on the night comes from two ther unnamed bands with “ambient, psychedelic arrangements.”