Going out on a limb for the next big show

Luke, left, with his Feud bandmates Stephen and Jamie
Luke, left, with his Feud bandmates Stephen and Jamie
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The show must go on for a Lancaster drummer, who despite breaking his arm in a football game this week, has vowed to perform at a crucial European gig.

Luke Paget, 27, drummer in The Feud, snapped his forearm at the elbow after he was tackled from behind during a friendly football match at Heysham High School on Sunday.

Luke from the Feud in hospital with a broken arm

Luke from the Feud in hospital with a broken arm

Luke ended up in the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, where he has undergone surgery to reset the break, and is now working out how he can perform at Nouvelle Prague – a worldwide music showcase in the Czech Republic – on November 7.

Luke said: “I was pretty devastated to be honest.

“Drumming is my job, it pays the rent, so that’s been a bit of a worry.

“I play in a six-a-side Sunday football league and it’s always been a good laugh until this weekend.

“When it happened we thought we were going to have to cancel the gigs, but after getting together with the band, we’ve come up with a way of making it work.

“There’s a really big show in Prague called Nouvelle Prague, and music insustry people from around the world are going to be there, so I’m trying to get a replacement drummer.

“But either way I’m going to perform with one hand using percussion and synths.

“It’s an important show for us and we can’t miss it.

“When we told our manager in Prague about the plan he said ‘are you crazy?’.

“We probably are, but we’d rather go over there and tell the audience I’ve still headed over despite having a broken arm, than not go at all.

“We’ve never cancelled a show.”

Luke said it was going to be at least two months until he could get back to drumming properly again, and is remaining hopeful that he’ll make a full recovery.

He added: “We’re doing four shows in Europe, three in the Czech Republic, and one in Germany, and music industry people from around the world are coming to the Nouvella Prague gig. We’ve just got to do it.”

Formed in 2010, The feud are Jamie Walker (vocals, Guitar), Stephen Mildwater (Bass, vocals), and Luke Paget (drums).

Their debut single In Between The Lines, released in June 2010 has had much critical acclaim and praise, attracting attention from all over Europe, and from mainstream Radio DJs.

They have yet to release an album, but have built up a strong following through their live performances that have seen them perform in the US, Europe, and right across the UK.