Gig Guide: If you fall from grace...

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Scorton based musician Jay Diggins is in good hands when it comes to the production of his forthcoming album.

A few weeks ago, Jay woke up with a song in his head that he couldn’t get rid of.

No it wasn’t Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. This was an original piece of music that Jay immediately took to the guitar to record a rough version of.

Hours later he was on the M6 to Bristol to visit old friend and mentor John Parish, who has performed with and recorded music for the likes of PJ Harvey, including her acclaimed 2011 offering Let England Shake, as well as Eels, Tracy Chapman and Sparklehorse.

He has also played guitar and drums for Goldfrapp.

Like I say, good hands.

Jay said: “I remember waking late one morning and instantly humming the melody and line ‘If you fall from a lonely place’.

“I jumped out of bed, went straight into the studio with a 12 string guitar and within a few minutes had recorded a movie of myself playing the track.

“I sent the track to John, and I think he was impressed, citing that I and the track had a definitive identity, and he subsequently invited me dowm to his Bristol studio, where we set about recording the track for my album.”

Jay said the story of Fall From Grace is a very personal one.

“As a young boy my parents separated and I grew up without contact from my father and have had no contact up until a couple of years ago,” he said.

I have discovered that his life has been one of highs and tremendous lows, a roller coaster that came off the tracks. I am lucky that he is still alive.”

The song is a stripped down, heart on sleeve lament which, like Jay’s experience that morning, stays in your head long after it ends.

The Jay Diggins band - which also features Scotty Moorhouse, James Fraser and Johnny Scott - perform at The Manchester Club Academy on Saturday June 22.

The album is scheduled for release on September 20.