Future is looking very bright for city DJ

Ryan Angelis and his new CD.
Ryan Angelis and his new CD.

A Lancaster DJ is turning entrepeneur to take his new music production state-side.

Former Our Lady’s Catholic College pupil Ryan Angelis, 25, has already sold 500 copies of his Future House mix CD, and is now receiving offers from abroad for a deal which could see many more sales of the album coming his way.

Ryan said the album had been out for three weeks, and he couldn’t believe how well it had sold so far.

He said: “It’s been a long time in the process. I’m doing everything, including the design and marketing, and I’ve contacted all the artists to get permission for the use of the tracks, and they’re happy with what I’ve done.

“It’s been hard work, but after the launch I’ve been continuing to push it, and I’m beginning to get DJ bookings up and down the country.”

Ryan said he was now looking to strike a deal in America for the CD, and plans to release follow ups every few months.

“Even just to break into the underground scene would be fantastic, so it’s about getting to know the right people and getting them to trust in the music.”

Ryan, a father to Tia Louise, five, said he has been helped greatly by More Music in Morecambe and by the Musicians Co-op in Lancaster, and now helps young people engage in musical activities as well.

“I feel like all the hard work is paying off now”, he added. “The future is really positive.”