Final gig for collective

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This weekend sees the final gig from a Lancaster based world music project that has brought together some of the district’s “busiest musos”.

Steve Lewis launched Orchestre DC Dansette in 2008, inspired by African rhythms, and the writing and musings of poets and thinkers.

The band has performed at clubs, festivals and functions across the North West, but Steve said it was now time to call it a day to focus on other projects.

“We’ve had over five good years,” he said.

“A long time for one of my projects.

“I think we’ve brought joy, suprise and pleasure to all the places we’ve played.

“It’s hard work keeping a big band like this going.

Especially when it features some of the busiest musos around here - everyone in the band is also in four or five other bands.

“Half of ODCD for instance are also half of The Initiative.

“We’ve all got plenty of other projects to be getting on with!”

The regular band includes Ben McCabe on drums, Dave Shooter on bass, Sam Dale on guitar, Paul Graves on guitar, Matt Robinson on tenor sax and Steve on guitar and vocals.

For the gig on December 6 at The Gregson Centre, the band will be joined by Joanna Mangona on alto sax, Pete Moser on trumpet, and Chris Bridges on trombone, creating a full on nine piece band sound.

Steve added: “It’s pay what you want to get in though anyone who chooses to pay £5 gets a free CD!

“After the weekend you’ll be able to download all our recordings for free at”

Steve, whose Deep Cabaret moniker makes up the DC element of the band’s name, is planning more projects in the future. As well as a smaller band, he’ll be planning a solo show based on the work of the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges for next year and working on Sealegs, a new Hymas and Lewis show with Lancaster poet Sarah Hymas.

Entry is from 8.30pm. Check out for more information.