Fifth and biggest so far

The Lovely Eggs perform their first gig for over a year in the city at Lancaster Music Festival
The Lovely Eggs perform their first gig for over a year in the city at Lancaster Music Festival

The district’s finest musical acts collide with bands and artists from across the country and beyond at this year’s Lancaster Music Festival.

I’ve just had a look at the schedule at, and I have to say this is easily the best line-up yet!

Held across 34 different venues and pubs across the city between October 11 and 13, the event features about 200 shows from 140 different acts.

New for this year is the City of Lancaster Busking Program, with outdoor performances in the city centre taking place throughout the weekend.

The uniqueness of this festival is the number of “performance spaces” you can find by following the programme and schedule along the city’s streets, whether it’s locating a band you know and love, or discovering something brand new in a pub, club, cafe, restaurant, shop or museum.

Ben Ruth, festival coordinator, said: “A packed weekend of top notch local and global musical talent is in store with new acts arriving and proven favourites returning to a city which has always welcomed and nurtured live music. Based on the festival successes of the last four years this will be Lancaster’s fifth and biggest music festival so far.”

“Most of the music will be provided by the outstanding talent and variety of acts that originate and perform in the Lancaster district. There will also be internationally renowned and touring acts from as far away as Vienna, Austin, Warsaw and all over the UK, for example funk soul extravagants Rene and guitar virtuoso Franco and the Dreadnought from Manchester as well as BBC 6 star Heidi Brown from Cheshire. And it’s not just bands and soloists. There will also be DJ sets including Danny Howells performing until 6am.”

A few of the events are ticketed and tickets can be bought from the festival’s website, at Lancaster’s Visitor Information Centre and the venues themselves. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Ben Ruth at info@