EMF star is Unbelievable

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“UNBELIEVABLE” was my response when I found out one of the “icons from my youth” was living in the quiet village of Clapham just over the North Yorkshire border.

I was even more astounded when two days later I was chatting to James Atkin, frontman of 90s indie-dance band EMF, about how my 1991 Schubert Dip LP had been played raw for the last 20 years, and, more importantly, how he is all set to curate and perform at Clapham’s Rough Beats Festival in June.

Famous for the previously mentioned number 1 hit Unbelievable, and wearing baggy shorts and sideways facing caps, James is now making a living teaching in Keighley, but is still heavily involved in music with his new project Asbo Kid, alongside ex-Elastica drummer Justin Welsh.

So what brings James, who has played in front of 40,000 capacity crowds in Rio de Janeiro, to the quiet country lanes of Clapham, swapping side-facing caps to, dare I say it, flat ones?

See the Lancaster Guardian (08-04-11) for full story.