Eggs Rev up for new album in America

The Lovely Eggs with Dave Fridmann
The Lovely Eggs with Dave Fridmann

Lancaster band The Lovely Eggs are following in the footsteps of The Flaming Lips, Mogwai and Franz Ferdinand with their fifth studio album.

The duo are currently in upstate New York mixing their new album with none other than producer and Mercury Rev bassist Dave Fridmann at his Tarbox Studios. Singer and guitarist Holly said they couldn’t believe their luck when they got a reply to a message they’d send to Fridmann a year earlier saying ‘Am I too late?’

After “a few drinks”, Holly and drummer husband David had been talking about who they’d most like to produce their next album, and Fridmann’s name came up because of the work he’d done with The Flaming Lips’ 1999 album The Soft Bulletin. Holly contacted the studio and left a message in 2014, hearing nothing back until after they’d put out their fourth studio album This Is Our Nowhere in 2015.

She said: “It was unbelievable. He was too late for that album, but he said he liked our stuff, and so we started getting songs together, and began to send them over.

“That went on for about a year, and we’ve been ready to record for ages!

“He told us he had a two week gap in June, and so we just booked it. It’s an amazing place, he’s got a tonne of good gear, a big house with recording facilities so we’ve basically lived there for two weeks! You can even play drums in your pyjamas.

“We recorded songs in the Music Cop-op in Lancaster, and Dave’s been mixing the tracks, adding instruments and basically doing his own alchemy.

“It’s pretty sonically heavy and there’s no name as yet.”

The Lovely Eggs played their first ever show in New York in 2006. Their new album is due in February 2018, with a single release expected in October this year.