Dream gig for singer Joe

Joe McCorriston
Joe McCorriston

Morecambe singer-songwriter Joe McCorriston has landed “the biggest gig of his life so far” after getting an email from one of his musical idols.

Joe woke up in a London hotel room last week to find an email from folk/rock pioneer Frank Turner in his inbox.

He said: “I got the email last Wednesday morning, waking up in a cheap guest house in London after my gig at 12 Bar Club the night before.

“At first I thought it was one of those fan mailout email things big artists send out with news on, but then I noticed the subject was ‘28th August’.

“So I excitedly clicked and read it, and it was Frank asking me if I was free to play a secret gig supporting him in Barnsley. I woke Marc up (who was sleeping in the bed next to me), shocked with what I’d just read basically.

“It was awesome. It’s gonna be the biggest gig of my life so far, and I’m 100 per cent ready for whatever comes next.” Perserverance has certainly paid off for Joe, who said he’d been pestering Frank Turner for gigs for a good five years.

Joe and cajon player/drummer Marc Holland will join Frank Turner at the miner’s charity gig at the The Old Number 7 Club in Barnsley tonight, from 8pmThursday August 28.

It will be free entry on a first come first served basis until the pub is full. Joe will also be performing at this Saturday’s Glastonbrewery and recently did his 300th gig in three years.