‘Dis-country’ music


Alternative country rockers The Lumberjack Cowboy Heartbreak Trucking Co have been squirreling away at a new album in their Bentham studio.

I went up to watch the six piece band rehearsing and recording at their custom made recording space last week, getting a fascinating insight into how they lay down their music and put together their songs.

The follow up to Stronger Than Jesus and Promised Land is now seriously taking shape, and it will have, says singer and guitarist Jimbob, a much more traditional country style than the previous two albums.

The band records vocals and guitars in one studio, while drums and bass are laid down next door, enabling them to seperate the tracks and get a beat down first.

It was great fun watching them try to get their tempo changes right, and there’s some “big ‘ol” chroruses in there that I’m sure will be taking root in audience minds long after they leave the venue.

There’s plenty of discussion going on about how to take the songs forward and give them the best possible direction, and it’s not long before the whoops, hollers and “y’alls” are finding their way into the music.

The vision and direction of guitarists and vocalists Jim Bob and Cousin Cleatus infiltrates the room and as the rest of the band strike up with backing vocals, drums and bass there’s no denying the electricity that flies from the sound, and the good humour that makes the end result so infectious.

Yes this is in fact traditional country style music, but there’s an added party layer here too, with driving bass, soulful rhythms disco beats.

“Dis-country”, ventures Jimbob.

There are plans for a new video in the pipeline too, with details still being worked out.

“The Lumberjacks” perform at The Black Bull in Brookhouse on February 15 and The Wellington in Preston on March 1, with festival shows including Boomtown Fair, Beertown in Malton, and Sheef Stock Festival in Ingleton already confirmed.