Debut album recorded in slug infested mouldy city house

David Kelly
David Kelly

A self-taught musician has penned an eleven track debut album about life in Lancaster and the state of society – with some confessional poetry thrown in for good measure.

David Kelly, 25, recorded Man and Mountain in “a mouldy, slug infested terrace in Eastham Street”, with the help of friend and fellow musician Joe Ramsden.

The former Prestonian, who moved to the city to study Sociology at Lancaster University, said he first got into music aged 14, and taught himself to play guitar after getting into bands like The Clash and The Stranglers.

“It all went from there really”, said David.

“Until I got to Lancaster I played in bands, a few vaguely punky bands, and before going to uni I played in a 60s style garage rock band called Acosta and The Hellcats with Joe Ramsden, who I went to school with. The first album has been years in the making, and there have been a couple of aborted attempts. Songs have gradually dropped off and this is a completely new set of songs.

“The recording process was really quick. We pretty much did it in a day and recorded nearly every song in just one take, revisiting a couple of them the next day.

“There wasn’t much to do in terms of production. It’s as close as you can get to how it sounds when I play it live.”

David said that after getting sick of the songs having the album done had made them feel new again because other people are hearing them.

He added: “It’s a mixture of confessional poetry songs, social commentary, and tells the story of the last five years from my point of view, my life living in Lancaster and moving about around here and the Lake District.

David also plays guitar in Lancaster band Boy On Junkyard with Joe Ramsden, Jess Thomas and Darren Leadsom. Man and Mountain is available from on CD or digital download. He plays a solo show at The Robert Gillow on Saturday November 14 at 6pm.