Convulsions funk things up in seven show Costa Rica tour

Lancaster Funk Club played seven shows in Costa Rica as The Convulsions.
Lancaster Funk Club played seven shows in Costa Rica as The Convulsions.

Lancaster Funk Club – fresh from a tour of Costa Rica – are back in the city this weekend.

The band led by Ben Ruth flew out to the South American country last week to play seven shows as Ben’s other band The Convulsions.

Ben said the Funk Club band - mostly in their 20s - picked up the slack as Convusions members had other commitments.

He paid tribute to their musicianship and skill.

Vocalist Ben, who also plays harmonica and organ, performed alongside Becca Pattison (trombone), Adam Woods (bass), Ian Burgess (trumpet), Ewan McDonald (drums) and Jack Wingad (guitar).

He said: “It came about because of a group called Gandhi, who are Costa Rica’s top rock band. They are working on an album, as we are, and wanted to come and play in England. So they’ll be playing Lancaster Music Festival in 2016 and in return they asked us to go and play out there.

“Everything went really well. We played seven gigs in total, including the Hard Rock Cafe. We couldn’t have asked for a better reception and everywhere we played asked us to go back. We were even asked by promoters Envision to play a show in a forest in the southern part of the country next year.

“When we arrived we were greeted with a bottle of rum, and when we’d finished that, we were given another one. We didn’t get much sleep in the first couple of days.

“Everyone was genuinely friendly and full of life, despite having very little.

“For me the stand out gig, although they were all great, was the very last number we played at an open mic night.

“It was an absolutely stompingly tight sound, and we just took it to that extra level where we were all in completely one mind set and it felt transcendental.

“The band have put in a lot of time coming to the sessions, and then the gigs, and they all earned their time in the sun.”

Lancaster Funk Club takes to the stage at The Apothecary in Lancaster, tomorrow night, Friday, from midnight.