Carpe go underground

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Lancaster six piece band Carpe have announced they are taking a break for the next few months to work on their second album.

But if you wanted to catch them before they go underground, they’ll be performing at The Greyhound pub in Halton on Saturday night as part of the Sounds From The Hound sessions. Vocalist and guitarist Frenchie said the band have had a lot of fun performing in various places this past year, but it was now time to knuckle down and write some new material.

“We’ve played some amazing shows and met lots of new friends,” he said.

“Our annual Carpe Xmas gets better every year and we recently returned to GoBurrito to get hot and bothered in one of Lancaster’s least likely venues, to celebrate their second birthday.

Of course the highlight of the last 12 months has to be when Grum (Bass/Synth) asked us to play at his wedding last summer.”

Frenchie said the band preferred to let new material grow organically, rather than planning a theme.

“We tend to just get in a room and write as we go along,” he said.

“Since we all bring such different styles and ideas to the table, planning any sort of theme or musical direction never seems to work out. What starts as an idea for a reggae groove can turn into a blistering rock monster or maybe a groovy, jazzy, funky, bluesy...well if you’ve heard us then you get the idea. There are a few songs from our live sets that didn’t quite make it on to the last album, including a much requested cover, that will probably be a starting point for the next one.”

Carpe’s next gig after Saturday will be Ravenstonedale Festival, which takes place between June 20 - 22.

“We’ve done it twice before and it’s always a lot of fun, and it keeps growing year on year,” he said.

For more information about Carpe, check them out on The Greyhound show starts around 9.30pm, following a DJ set from 8pm. Free entry.