Birthday wasn’t milestone but was one of best ever

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I’ve always been a huge fan of birthdays, so in the run up to my approaching 114th (as seen on my Facebook wall), I’d like to tell you about one very special birthday I had in Barletta.

It wasn’t a milestone year, but stands out in my mind as being one of the best ever.

My friends and I sang along, even though we were a tad squiffy to say the least

Now I like a birthday to start well in advance of the actual day, with a gradual build up to the big climax that is the grand moment itself.

In fact I’d be in favour of a birthday month, where loved ones would be required to spoil you for 31 days, but I digress.

So that year it all began with an evening out at Nicola’s night club a few weeks before, where I was surprised to see ‘Elvis’ taking centre stage – or should I say ‘Joe Toronto’ - a crooner from Bari.

The image of a very tall ‘Elvis’ hugging Danny De Vito lookalike, Nicola, on stage is one that will remain with me to my last breath.

My friends and I sang along, even though we were a tad squiffy to say the least.

Then, I enjoyed several meals out (a pre-requisite for any self-respecting birthday girl) which involved much consuming of pizza with a rotation of toppings and ‘the odd’ glass of vino.

One of these meals included a beautiful home-made cake lovingly created by my favourite pizzeria staff, which brought a tear to my eye. I remember two of my friends there asking me why I looked so sad.

Was I missing home? My family?

Was I ‘eckers like; I just didn’t want all this to end.

Finally, le piece de resistance arrived.

The actual day saw me working, so I was looking forward to the evening, but when I arrived in school, the main reception area was bedecked with flowers; completely overwhelmed by them, I literally carried armloads home with me that day.

Now that’s what I call a birthday to remember.

Even when you’re not 21 and the clock’s ticking on regardless, several weeks of pre spoilings are perfect.