shortlist lancashire children’s book of the year

The Rain by Virginia Bergin
The Rain by Virginia Bergin

Now in its 29th year, the Lancashire Children’s Book of the Year award is one of the few where young people choose both the shortlist and the eventual winner. Here is this year’s shortlist

Virginia Bergin – The Rain

The rain’s a killer and if one drop touches you then it’s all over. So far Ruby Morris has survived and this is her story.

Brian Conaghan – When Mr Dog Bites

Dylan is 16 , suffers from Tourette’s and thinks his days are numbered so he decides to make the most of it with three things to do before he dies.

Tom Easton – Seven Second Delay

When Mila is implanted with a phone that broadcasts her every move she goes on the run with a seven second delay her only advantage in this race against time.

Alan Gibbons – Hate

Inspired by the tragic murder of Sophie Lancaster, a story about friendship, courage, loss, forgiveness and standing up for what you believe in.

Tom Hoyle – Thirteen

When a cult goes after boys born on the stroke of the new millennium, Adam is unaware that he is the last name on the list.

Laura Jarratt – Louder than Words

Rafi hasn’t spoken for eight years but has to tell her brother’s story as he can’t speak either.

Sarah Mussi – Riot

The No More Children In Need Bill states teenagers without secure university places or a guaranteed job are to be sterilised, and are to become The Teen Have Nots. It’s time for them to take to the streets and be heard.

Louise O’Neill – Only Ever Yours

Freida and Isabel have always been friends and expect to be selected as companions to powerful men, but as the pressures of final year at school surface, tensions run high. Who will be chosen to be a bride and who will become a concubine?

Marcus Sedgwick – She is Not Invisible

Laureth Peak’s father is missing and the only clue she has to help find him is his notebook which has turned up in New York. Will it help in the search for her missing father?

Anna Wilson – Summer’s Shadow

When Summer loses her mother she’s sent to live with relatives in Cornwall. Scared and lonely, she spends more and more of her time at a sheltered beach. A local boy called Zach also uses the secret cove and he aims to help Summer escape her families past.

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