Book is new departure for Cumbrian Railways

Time for Coppernob by Denny Mallows
Time for Coppernob by Denny Mallows

The story of two children hurled back in time on an old steam engine signals a new title from Cumbrian Railways Association.

Time for Coppernob by Denny Mallows follows the fictional adventures of Liana who is lonely after the death of her mother.

With her copper-coloured hair, Liana feels affection for an old engine called Coppernob at the railway museum where her father works.

But Liana faces danger as she travels back through time with Coppernob and new friend Joe where problems have to be solved and mysteries unravelled.

Will the friends manage to get back to their own time and can Coppernob’s old driver help them?

Author Denny has a background in education and psychology, and handles many issues children have to face in her story for ages seven-plus – although the themes running through the storyline will enchant adults too.

A sample of Time for 
Coppernob, nicely illustrated with watercolours by Philip Bannister, is available to download at www. Follow the link to CRA 
Publications to buy a copy, priced £7.95.