Centuries-old village inn has bags of flavour

Inside the Castle Inn, Hornby
Inside the Castle Inn, Hornby

Feeling just about ready to tackle a full Sunday roast after all the Christmas excess, we headed up the Lune Valley to try out the recently renovated Castle Inn at Hornby.

Evidence of an inn on the site in the centre of the village, opposite the entrance to Hornby Castle, dates back to the late 16th century.

There is decent parking provision at the back of The Castle Inn and peeking through the windows as you walk back to the front reveals an extensive, modern and cosy looking restaurant and hotel.

It’s warm inside the impressive old grey building, which features faux wooden floors, chunky roof beams, a cast iron stove fireplace, sofas, and rustic tables and chairs.

The light is fading outside but the low light ambience and warm blue /grey colour scheme inside the pub is very welcoming.

We – my wife Liz, her parents Gary and Irene, and our two children Will and Zoe – are shown a table near the front door by the bar manager, who is on his own when the waitress leaves a few minutes after we arrive.

We all order either a beef or turkey roast at £9.95 each and the kids get a half roast at £5.50.

The food arrives within about 20 minutes and by this time we’re all very much ready to eat after a good pint or half of Black Sheep Ale.

The food is very good. The beef roast includes a good portion of lean, tender beef, a homemade Yorkshire Pudding, kale (a nice touch), carrots and peas, plus roast potatoes and good quality gravy. It was also nice to see a couple of pigs in blankets inside the Yorkshires.

We all agreed that this was a very good roast and at under a tenner good value too.

There was a good choice of desserts on the menu and Liz and I chose sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Will got a strawberry and cracked black pepper ice cream, and Gary’s dessert– white chocolate and honeycomb terrine with strawberry and cracked pepper ice cream – was easily the best presented.

Liz and Irene ordered coffee and cappucino and we relaxed for a bit after the meal, feeling full and unhurried in a chilled out setting.

The total bill for six of us, including drinks, came to £91.

A minor gripe for me was the proximity of our table to the front door – every time it opened we got hit by an icy blast.

Our service was reasonable and punctual but not exactly with a smile considering how quiet it was, which detracted a bit from the ambience of the place.

All in all though a good food experience, and with an extensive menu to try, one I hope to repeat soon.