Ten top ebooks

Birmingham Blitz by Annie Murray
Birmingham Blitz by Annie Murray

We take a look at some of the latest additions to the Lancashire County Library ebook catalogue.

1 Birmingham Blitz- Annie Murray

Genie Watkins is growing up in Birmingham when her family get split up due to the Blitz.

2 Deadly Deceit – Mari Hannah

When a driver loses control on the A1 not all the deaths are due to the accident.

3 Never Forget – Lisa Cutts

This debut novel from author Lisa Cutts introduces us to Nina Foster in her first murder investigation. 4 See You Tomorrow – Tore Renberg

A fast-paced novel about friendship, crime, loneliness and tragic death.

5 Oh Yeah, Audrey! – Tucker Shaw

Gemma Beesley arranges to meet some fellow bloggers for a 24-adventure based around ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’.

6 Whatever Happened To Billy Parks – Gareth Roberts

What if you could turn back time and put things right?

7 The Lazarus Prophecy – F. G. Cottam

There’s a killer on the loose in London and no one is safe.

8 The Bellingham Bloodbath – Gregory Harris

Detective Colin Pendragon is looking for the killer of a captain of Her Majesty’s Guard and his wife.

9 The City – Dean Koontz

Jonah Kirk has a terrifying secret that has put him in danger.

10 An Unwilling Accomplice – Charles Todd

World War I nurse Bess Crawford’s career is on the line when a murder happens on her watch.

*All of these are available to download online from Lancashire libraries, http://bit.ly/allourbooks or http://capitadiscovery.co.uk/lancashire/ to download or reserve your copy now.